Movement of body,

Stillness of mind

"Yoga is more than movement; it is a science that unites body and mind together to bring balance and harmony to the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual faculties. Yoga is a lifestyle; any attempt to bring awareness and harmony to any facet of your life is 'yoga'".

N'Digo Yaayaa Kali

"When mind soars in pursuit of the things conceived in space, it pursues emptiness;
but when man dives deep within himself,
he experiences the fullness of existence.
~Meher Baba

My role as a yoga and meditation guide is to assist you in with discovering ways to experience more mindfulness, self-compassion, and happiness into your life through the practice of yoga and meditation. Yoga Asana (the practice of postures) is one out of eight limbs of yoga -- according to Pantanjali, the Indian sage and writer of the Yoga Sutras -- while Yoga Dhyana (the practice of meditation) is another limb. Countless scientific studies over the years have demonstrated the psychological, emotional, and physical improvements that occur as a result of integrating yoga and/or meditation into our daily lives.

Yoga Asana: Movement of Body

Within the limb of Asana, we encounter a number of yoga postures and styles ranging from Kundalini, Kemetic, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Flow, Kripalu, and several others. Yoga can be warming, cooling, relaxing, powerful, grounding, or centering; it can create more strength, or create more flexibility. You do not have to be flexible, thin, or athletic to practice yoga postures; there is a yoga for everybody and every body (yes, including YOU).




Yoga Dhyana: Stillness of Mind

Meditation is a practice that assists us in becoming more present, and taking a compassionate look at our thoughts, free from judgment. We do not want to clear the mind as it is impossible; your mind will always have something to process (i.e default mode network). You cannot stop thinking, nor should you attempt to force yourself to stop thinking, but with practice you can learn to became more aware of your thoughts, and let them go. Meditation is the art of letting go.



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