STRENGTHS (High5test)


  • Deliverer: Strong ethical principles to follow through on all commitments

  • Coach:  Personal mission to help others utilize their potential, experience success, and look for ways to facilitate their learning process 

  • Storyteller: Strong presentation and communication skills to attract and capture the audience’s attention

  • Catalyst:  Makes decisions, creates action steps, assesses results, and notes findings and/or provides feedback on lessons learned

  • Self-Believer:  Inner confidence and self-motivation opens the ability to take risks, meet new challenges, and  stake claims, in order to deliver.



1/2016 to current, Intentional Living Coaching, Sole Proprietor (Remote)

  • Support the personal and professional transformation and development of clients 

  • Advise and collaborate with clients to develop realistic, individualized action plans to help them set, obtain, and maintain goals through assessment, reflection, feedback, and discussion. 

  • Provide appropriate tools, exercises, readings, and homework related to topics the client needs more assistance in relation to stress and energy management, health and wellness, balancing relationships, professional development, life purpose, etc.

  • Monitor individual client progress through weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly outreach by phone, email, and/or SMS. 

  • Participate in ongoing annual certifications and continuing education for professional development and coaching quality 


8/2017 to current, ReUp Education Inc., College Success Coach and Trained Coach Observer (Remote)

  • Manage a roster of 2000+ leads using Salesforce to assist stop-out students to readmit to their previously attended university

  • Deliver personalized and relevant personal and professional support for approximately 800+ undergraduate and graduate students to improve retention 

  • Collect, organize, analyze, and project student performance and progress data to inform coaching interventions and increase persistence rates

  • Design and enhance communication and retention initiatives to improve business outcomes (i.e. Critical Content Protocol and Coaching Model)

  • Lead Coach on two university accounts while leading three other coaches

  • Support the development of the company coaching model, coach manual, and coaching quality

  • Observe and debrief 4 coaches on coaching quality and student impact monthly

  • Conduct phone screens and interviews with candidates for the coach position


1/2017 to 7/2017, Tennessee State University Office of Title III/SAFRA Grant, Program Coordinator and Success Coach

  • Provide one-on-one support for approximately 174 undergraduate students to improve grades and increase retention.

  • Advise and collaborate with students to develop strategies and action plans to help them achieve academic success and personal goals through assessing, reflection exercises, feedback, and discussion.

  • Monitor individual student progress through in person meetings and email.

  • Facilitate ongoing coach-centered, professional development meetings with colleagues to discuss academic trends, student issues, and communication exercises and skills to enhance work performance.

  • Operate as a liaison between supervisor and coaches to disseminate information and ensure coaches efficiently performed outcomes as specified by supervisor

  • Implement events to increase campus recognition of coaching program, and disseminate information about services our program offers.

  • Collect and analyze data retrieved from midterm and final semester grades using Banner Production and Microsoft Excel to assess student progress and credit completion, and the impact of coaching interventions. 


1/2014 to 12/2016 InsideTrack Inc., Academic Coach and Retention Specialist

  • Provide one-on-one support for 120 - 300 undergraduate students per academic quarter to increase retention.

  • Advise and collaborate with students to develop strategies and action plans to help them achieve academic success and personal goals through assessing, reflection exercises, feedback, and discussion.

  • Monitor individual student progress through weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly outreach by phone, email, and SMS.

  • Collect retention data and note student satisfaction with academic experience using Salesforce Inc.’s IT platform “Catalyst”, Microsoft Office, and Google Apps. 

  • Participate in ongoing coaching certifications for professional development and coaching quality 

  • Create and lead trainings on coaching, psychological, and self-improvement topics

  • Observe, debrief, and provide feedback to coaches on coaching technique for quality, Federal Regulations compliance, and professional development purposes on a monthly basis.


11/2011 to 1/2014 Tennessee State University College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Sciences, Research Assistant

  • Develop a culturally-relevant curriculum promoting physical activity, healthy dietary practices, weight management, and media literacy skills for African American youth in Middle Tennessee at risk for obesity 

  • Collect, organize, and interpret data collected from focus groups and camp sessions according to the PEN-3 Model framework using SPSS and Excel

  • Draft, edit, prepare, and submit protocols, quarterly and annual reports, fact sheets, budgets and other supporting documents for YAMS with the university and department’s human resource and finance divisions 

  • Submit purchase requisitions for travel, stipends, indirect and direct operational project costs for procurement

  • Prepare abstracts and proposals to present in research-related conferences (IUNS, ISBNPA, CAHNS, APHA, CHEW)

  • Schedule and interview prospective applicants for the summer camp component of research and oversee the hiring and termination of employees

  • Supervise 10-15 high school, undergraduate, and graduate interns throughout the year 

  • Conduct research, motivational interviewing, and conflict resolution management during the training and debriefing of interns

  • Maintain communications with collaborators, community partners and extension and outreach agents

  • Manage organization’s social networking sites (Facebook, YouTube)

  • Recruit and maintain communications with interested YAMS participants via email and telephone

1/2011 to 9/2011 Tennessee State University School of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences, Student Assistant & Community Coordinator

  • Contribute to the development of a program that promotes nutrition awareness and weight management skills to youth at risk for adult obesity with a registered dietician.

  • Transcribe audio from research-related focus groups.

  • Schedule, create agendas, as well as record meeting minutes for staff and community advisory board meetings.

  • Instruct a group of 10 adolescents and helped facilitate a health, nutrition, and media-centered summer camp using the National Institute of Health’s Media Smart Youth® Education Program.

8/2010 to 1/2011 Nashville International Center for Empowerment, Immigration Assistant Intern

  • Fill out and mail U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) documents for clients (G-325, G-325A, I-90, I-485)

  • File confidential documents concerning the identity of our refugee and immigrant clients within a database.

  • Assist clients in registering for English literacy, GED, citizenship, and computer classes.

  • Facilitate and assess English literacy tests.

  • Answer questions and provide information about various social, educational, health, and employment-related services that our organization provides, as well as others in the Nashville area.

  • Attend cultural events, programs, and conferences as a representative of the organization.

  • Oversee the Board of Immigration Appeals accreditation and recognition process for the organization. 


8/2007 to 5/2010      Tennessee State University      

Bachelor of Science in Arts & Science, Social Science concentration; Cum Laude



  • Mindful Communication Certificate; Mindful Schools (2021)

  • Naturopathic Reiki I Certification; A Life of Peace Wellness Institute (2019)

  • Ministerial Ordination; Universal Life Church (2018)

  • The Science of Happiness Certificate of Achievement; UC Berkeley (2018)

  • Intro to Presence-Based Coaching; International Coach Federation - TN (2018)

  • Neuro-linguistic Programming Diploma; International NLP (2017)

  • Mindfulness Practitioner Training; Mindful Schools (2016)

  • Career Coach Certification; InsideTrack Inc. (2016)

  • Introduction to Neuro-linguistic Programming; Bev Martin (2016)

  • Holistic Life Coach Certification; Spencer Institute (2015)

  • Ayurveda: The Art of Sacred Living Foundational Course; Satyam Healing Arts (2015)

  • Introduction to Non-violent Communication (NVC); InsideTrack (2014)

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification; Yoga Harmony Nashville (2014)

  • GROW and SMART Model Coaching Technique; InsideTrack Inc., (2014)

  • Introduction to SPSS Workshop; Tennessee State University (2012)

  • Medical Nutrition Training “Introduction to Motivational Interviewing”; Meharry (2012)

  • National Institute of Health “Protecting Human Research Participants”; Online (2011)