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In My Journey I've Learned: Happiness Takes 3 Steps

My personal definition of happiness as "conscious, harmonious, ease". Using Danielle LaPorte's "The Desire Map" I was able to discover what my core desired feelings are; the sentiment and/or energy that I seek in every situation and experience in my life to bring contentment. In my journey, I've learned that my core desired feelings embody a three-step process into Happiness and Fulfillment for others too!

1. Be Conscious

The first step is "consciousness" or a state of awareness. It is being present in the moment and observing life for what it is now without preoccupation with the past or future. When we become more present, it affords us the opportunity to then observe the cyclic, give-and-take energy that encapsulates Life, and whether or not our thoughts, words, and actions are in alignment with Life.

2. Cultivate Harmony and/or Balance

After we have a clear awareness of what Life is showing us about ourselves, we then are able to assess if our presence creates harmony or chaos, and what adjustments we need to make to have the desired outcome. We can choose to respond more harmoniously with Life, or we can choose to respond in opposition of Life; either way, it is a choice.

3. Open to Ease

The culmination of consciousness and harmony result in the state of "ease". The definitions of ease is the absence of difficulty or effort, or to move carefully, gradually, or gently. This is by no means to say that we will not be presented with challenges, but in a state of ease, we will have developed the mental and emotional fortitude to carefully, gradually, or gently identify the best way to respond in a less reactive and uncontrollable fashion. You will gain the confidence to make Life happen, instead of feeling like Life happens to you. I've noticed that in times of great difficulty, if I shift my awareness to the present moment, and search for opportunities to balance that which is imbalanced, the sense of ease (or at least my realization of it) comes quickly. When we encounter particularly troublesome or challenging times, we are afforded an opportunity to piece together solutions to what we are encountering, which is where innovation is housed. We **need** these seemingly "unhappy" moments to stretch our creative minds to look for ways to bring things back to a state of satisfaction, or harmony.

Happiness is not about material gain; it is very much so a self-induced, moment-to-moment decision. In this way happiness is not something that is happenstance, circumstantial, and out of our control. Your happiness is your personal responsibility and no one else's. But it begins with knowing who and where you are right now.

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