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In My Journey I've Learned: True Transformation Is Hidden

I'd like to introduce you to my friend Avo. Avo is a seedling I cultivated 4 to 5 months ago from a delicious avocado I ate. I had this brilliant idea to see if I could grow an avocado tree from seed, so I did some research on the many ways to do it, and I chose the way that mimics what would occur naturally; I stuck the seed in dirt and watered.

For months, I continued to water this seed in dirt, and it didn't look like anything was happening. I second-guessed the way I chose to cultivate this seed, and thought that maybe I should have tried a different method. Yet I kept it in dirt, and continued to water it in spite of my doubts. I placed it in the sunniest spot in my home in an attempt to mimic a tropical environment.

Lo and behold, the seed split and roots started to develop last month. Last week, a stem appeared, and increased its height daily. Now, I see that leaves have grown with another stem showing it's way from the crevice of the seed.

As I'm looking at my avocado seedling with pride this morning, a teaching moment came to me. In my journey, I've learned that true transformation is hidden. Oftentimes it doesn't look like growth and development are happening outwardly because the real change has to begin internally. A mindset, a set of values, or a resolve has to shift in order to handle the change we wish to see, and for the external to reflect it. We still have to be diligent and nurture ourselves through that phase even when we are not seeing the results we expect. Although Avo was seemingly a seed in dirt, I still watered it and checked on it consistently. I created a habit of nurturing a plant that did not exist. At 4 to 5 months in the making, I'm still watering it and checking on it, and the amount of care and attention is the same. How many times do we attempt to change an aspect about ourselves, but don't care or regard ourselves as the way we want to see ourselves? What I'm trying to say is, that it is just as essential to develop the habits of the person we want to embody even when we are not there yet, because it is those practices that support lasting change. That means if you want to adored and appreciated by others, then you have to get in the practice of adoring and appreciating yourself first. If you want to be physically healthy and fit, then you must get in the practice of eating the foods that a fitter you would eat. In this way, your intention aligns with the actions of the person who you desire to be in the future, and makes it manifest in the present.

So when the shift does happen, newness, growth, to explode and move quickly to accommodate us! We don't have to be concerned with relapsing into old habits because we committed to the practices that got us where we desired to be when we didn't see _any_ changes. Change is available to us at all times; we need to be open and patient to it first on an internal level.

If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning. ~Mahatma Gandhi

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