My childhood curiosity with learning about all things mythical, philosophical, cultural, and ecological inspired my personal and professional growth in the arts, holistic wellness, and life coaching. As an undergraduate student at Tennessee State University (TSU), the Interdisciplinary Studies program afforded me the opportunity to create a degree that would allow me the opportunity to study social science, with an emphasis on psychology, Africana Studies, and Women’s Studies. 

Academically, my performance as an undergraduate student at TSU was exceptional. Personally, it was one of the most challenging periods in my life. I was a young mother of two children and the wife of an aspiring pastor. On the outside my family, friends and associates admired my marriage and family and praised my commitment to my role as a mother and wife. Behind closed doors, I felt miserable, disconnected to myself, and unhappy in my marriage and roles of being “just” a mom and wife. I knew I was meant to do and be something greater than what I was doing, but didn't know how to go about doing it.

While in school, I took an African Spirituality course and was introduced to the Kemetic (or “Ancient Egyptian”) concept of Ma’at. Ma’at is the female deity that symbolizes truth, justice, order, and reciprocity. In studying the Kemetic spiritual system for class, I discovered a way of understanding life and spirit that resonated deeply as truth:

"A life centered life is not a religion, is not a science, is not a social creed, and has no holy books. 
A Life Centered Life is a way of living that is conscious thought and practice focused on the healthy growth and development of all living things.
All Existence is one, one being, one nature, one essence, one spirit.
Everything is interconnected. Nothing exists “individual”.
Everything is dependent on something else. We exist because everything else exists."


Amen, Rkhty. A Life Centered Life Living MAAT. Rkhty Amen, 2006.

This excerpt profoundly opened my mind and understanding to a way of being that insisted on my personal transformation and respect of all life on the planet. I sought to familiarize myself with other approaches that adhered to the idea of oneness or unification as a means to personal liberation and compassion. My studies inspired me to participate in a one-month long study-abroad experience in Rajasthan, India where I studied Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain philosophy and was introduced to the yogic and ayurvedic sciences. I underwent a number of internal shifts and as a result, I released many of my values and beliefs including my my marriage to my husband. My education developed me into a person who dared to live a more fulfilling life. Upon the conference of my degree, I sought educational and employment opportunities where I could utilize my skills in innovation (creativity), interpersonal communication, and program implementation - while advocating personal development using holistic practices and wisdom. Coaching is the career path that I chose that would encapsulate the aforementioned areas, and provide the clarity and courage that I was given in my studies to live the life I dreamed of.

I have over five years of professional experience as a coach working in the academic, success, and life coaching fields (in both corporate and private settings).  Additionally, I have received training as a 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance, Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the Spencer Institute, Mindfulness Practitioner and Mindful Communication trainings from Mindful Schools, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Diploma from International NLP, The Science of Happiness Certificate of Achievement from UC Berkeley, and a Naturopathic Reiki I Certification from A Life of Peace Wellness Institute, to name a few. I constantly look for opportunities to enhance my coaching and communication and give me the tools to become the best version of myself in the process.

My self-study of consciousness and transformation have introduced me to inspiring writers and thinkers on the topic of awareness and the meaning of life, that have made a personal mark on my worldview. They have served as agents of change for myself and have informed my self-concept and coaching style. My insistence to gain “knowledge of self” is a means to offer a way to promote healing for others that create a more compassionate world.  I know that throughout the expanse of human history, efforts were made in a number of cultures whose cosmological viewpoints, spiritual systems, and findings in the psychology discipline that have discovered methods to resolve the plight of internal and external human suffering. It is my intention to become a transformative leader and take what I have learned for myself in these methodologies and wisdom teachings and offer them as possible solutions to refine human nature.


I am in the business of healing through goal setting and creativity! Professionally, my mission is to empower my coaching clients with the tools and unique path to create a balanced, productive, and purposeful life. Personally, my aspirations are connected to how I want to feel, and less to what I want to accomplish. I want to feel conscious, harmonious, and at ease with myself, with others, and the Earth - and support my coaching clients to experience the same in their own unique way. 




"Indigenous cultures and world religions/philosophies have been the greatest influence on my creative pursuits as a life coach, mindfulness practitioner and artist."



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