Gain Clarity.
Build Courage.
Experience Joy.

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Are you finding yourself doing, saying, and thinking things that no longer serve you?

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Feeling stuck and stressed out? Unsure of your next move?

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Have an idea of whom you want to be and want to accomplish, but don't know how to go about doing it?


Need a change in your career? Your relationships? Health? How about your LIFE?!

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Intentional Living Coaching is the answer you've searched for.

Our coaching sessions will focus on reducing the barriers that keep you from living the life you deserve - and always dreamed of.


This means you will gain clarity to know who you are and where you're going, build courage to release what no longer serves you, and experience joy from transforming into the person you are destined to be! 

I'm here to guide people like you to discover who you are, identify what you most need at the moment, and create the appropriate steps to get there.

The past is gone and the future is to be determined;  now is the time  to transform your life and reach your highest potential! 

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Let's Chat! Schedule your free 30 minute phone session for us to get to know one another and discuss how you would like to use coaching.

Sign up! After your free consultation you'll sign intake forms and schedule your first coaching session!

Get coached! Coaching sessions are 60-90 minutes and offered by phone or Zoom. 



For years I felt stuck and unsure of what direction I wanted to take in my life. I had so many ideas but was not confident on if they were possible or even how to get started. By working with N'Digo, I was able to tap into my creativity and list the areas in my life I wanted to improve. I was even able to discover things about myself that I did not realize were there.

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The time I had with Kali was excellent. When meeting, she let me vent at times but also guided my venting to some core problem that resided within me. From that insight it gave me a frame of reference when dealing within. Questions were asked to provoke reflection, not just for conversation. And the pinnacle of our sessions showed me there was a path to liberation but one that you are responsible for and that she could not give me liberation.



Working with N’Digo has truly been a transformational experience. As a wife, mother and therapist, I was struggling to balance life and manage my stress. Through her ability to thoroughly assess different areas of my life, N’Digo was able to help me see the core beliefs and thoughts that were hindering me from making progress.

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It's so easy to talk to N'Digo, and she's willing to take time out of her busy schedule to listen when I'm dealing with something discomforting. Even when I was traveling in Europe and having some issues with the person with whom I was traveling, she was there to talk with me about how to deal with my friend. 

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I was in a state where I felt uncertain of who I was and incapable of deciding where I wanted to be in life. N’Digo heard the challenges I was facing and encouraged me to listen to my own thoughts. From there I made a career choice that seemed challenging and far-fetched and in a years time I have been promoted twice. I won't be afraid of whats next or to make a choice.